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Hartwood Records in Fredericksburg, VA has a primary focus in the Rock & Country music genres. Powered by FUGA & their parent company Haren Family Studios, HR is set to provide you with all the things you need to ensure you keep as much of your money as possible. NO PAYING A&R's that are looking for your replacement. NO PAYING 6 PRODUCERS to listen to 1 track & give their opinion. NO PAYING PEOPLE who had nothing to do with the creation, production, or publishing of your work. YOU KEEP YOUR MONEY FROM THE WORK YOU HAVE DONE. 

What we do for you.

The music industry is rapidly changing. With the advent of Digital Distribution and streaming  there is beginning to be a shift in the way people not only listen to music but deliver it as well. The days of the record store are dead so to speak but that does not make the record label any less useful. Yes, there are outlets for indie artists to sell their music online through major outlets such as DefJam Island or CDBaby, but what you don't get with such outlets is assitance. The world of album sales may be more accessible but is also much more treacherous to find a foot hold. We take the heavy lifting off your back so to speak.

As a direct international distributor, Hartwood Records acts as your liason to the Digital World of Sales. With the strongest international aggregator in the business as our back bone & Direct international iTunes delivery we can ensure you that we will get your product  to your fans on time everytime. You can start delivering your music tomorrow, just send us a message and with-in 24hrs a representative will give you a call to talk to you about your current options.(Excluding SUNDAYS)

Thank you for your submission. A representative will be in touch with you with-in 24hr of receipt of your e-mail. If you do not receive a phone call with-in 24 hrs please try submitting another form.

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Then fill out the form above. Be sure to include links to your music online. No online presence means no listeners, no listeners means no fans, no fans means no deal. GET IT?